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SouthEast Kansas Nature Center

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Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday ---------- 1:00pm - 4:00pm

* Other times by appointment
   Call  620-783-5207 or 417-439-3234
          Closed Mondays & Holidays

Mailing address:
SouthEast Kansas Nature Center
7693 SE 77th. Terrace
Galena, KS 66739
E-mail: <seknaturecenter@yahoo.com>

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on coming events or to schedule groups call  620-783-5207 or 417-439-3234.

A Little About Us

The historic scout cabin in Schermerhorn Park has been transformed into a wonderful nature Center. Animal and plant exhibits native to the area are displayed throughout the center. Exploration drawers are filled with hands-on materials to give visitors an opportunity to learn about nature up close. Environmental education classes and workshops are offered each month. The adjoining park grounds, trails, and creek make a perfect setting for science and nature studies. Visitors are pleasantly surprised with the wide variety of activities and materials available.

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Location map of Schermerhorn Park.
Map of Schermerhorn Park
Schermerhorn Park Wildlife Information
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